Grow Your Business by Focusing on Relieving Their Pain!

Stay Focused on Customer Needs

Our goal in business is to take someone’s pain away. Every one of us has pain, and we all spend trillions of dollars a year on people and businesses that can take that pain away. With a physical pain we go to the doctor and he takes the pain away. I just had my car serviced because of the pain/discomfort the check engine light caused every time I was out on the road.

Pain is something we live with and spend much money and time figuring out how to make it go away. If we can figure out how to stop pain, there is much money to be made. I believe that each and every product or service can take the pain away from someone.

While branding does help attract customers, the reason they buy from you is not because of your website or other branding, they buy from you because of what you can do for them.

The first challenge in marketing is to attract attention. We do that thru a variety of efforts, everything from networking to social media to advertising to staging crazy stunts. Small business owners are so concerned about getting someone to notice them that they forget the rest of the process and that is “removing pain.”

With today’s instant attention spans, we have to accomplish the following in a very impactful and succinct manner:

  • Attract Attention
  • State your promise
  • How are you doing that? (your delivery method)
  • Benefits (worries and pains removed)
  • The investment
  • The Bonus

The immediate goal is to either sell your product/service or get contact information so that you can make a more in depth presentation.

Grab attention for your product or service by solving the pains your customer’s face.

Tips & Advice by Nick Petra – CFP, Mentor, and founder of BizQuack and Strategic Duck