You Have the Capacity to Solve Your Problems.

You have the tools to conquer the mountain!

Scott Peck, M.D. wrote a book called “The Road Less Traveled”. It was published in 1978, 40 years ago, but his message is even more relevant today than when he published his book. (This is one of my recommended books for your personal library).

I learned a lot from his book. The biggest takeaway for me was the fact that my problems are just that, they are my problems; I am the one who has to solve them.

In his book he shares four techniques as a method of constructively solving our problems.

  • Delaying gratification: “Delaying gratification is a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with.” For example, doing the things that are easy in our business and delaying the things that we don’t like to do.
  • Acceptance of responsibility: We cannot solve a problem by saying “It’s not my problem.” We cannot solve a problem by hoping that someone else will solve it for us. I can solve a problem only when I say “This is my problem and it’s up to me to solve it.” Notice that he did not say that we could not ask for help.
  • Dedication to truth: “ a continuous and never-ending process of self-monitoring to assure that our communications – not only the words we use but also the way we say them – invariably reflect as accurately as humanly possible the truth or reality as we know it.”
  • Balancing: Balancing is the discipline that gives us flexibility. To be free people we must assume total responsibility for ourselves; but in doing so we must possess the capacity to reject responsibility that is not truly ours.”

No new secrets in the book. Just reminders of the things that most of us know as business owners that are required for growth and success.

This is really a very inspirational book. I ask my clients as I do myself, “Don’t tell me that you can’t do something, or that a problem is out of your control. Tell me how the problem can be solved.” Once you realize that the problem is yours and that you have the capacity to solve all problems, then it becomes a positive problem solving session.

Believe in yourself, your vision, your dreams, your ideals, and your goals. BizQuack

Tips & Advice by Nick Petra – CFP, Mentor, and founder of BizQuack and Strategic Duck