helping small businesses create a path to success.

Is your small business humming along like a well oiled machine?  If it is, that’s awesome!  Most small business owners are building their business and working in it at the same time which can stop or slow down the gears.  Figuring out what to add to make it run again and better can be challenging.

Nick Petra, and the BizQuack team, have created a support system for business owners and entrepreneurs that helps get your machine back on track.  BizQuack is a member-driven platform that goes the extra mile providing one-on-one mentoring and education.  The company was built on a foundation of helping small businesses succeed.  With a small business failure rate of  approximately 50%, BizQuack is well worth a visit.

Small businesses are the backbone of America and helping them succeed can only build up our communities and our country. Nick Petra, founder of BizQuack, says “all business owners need a view from another perspective now and then to grow their business.”  Every day can be a challenge for an entrepreneur who wears many hats and on any given day is responsible for marketing, sales, hiring, operations, and even building a product or performing a service.  It isn’t easy.  “It’s important to know that you may be in business for yourself but you don’t have to do it by yourself,” states Nick. “Building a community of support through BizQuack or even creating an advisory group, will help increase your bottom line and keep you moving forward especially when the machine needs a tune-up.”

BizQuack founder Nick Petra is a successful business coach and mentor and has helped hundreds of businesses thrive over the past 25 years.  His broad knowledge of business marketing, sales, and operations is the foundation of BizQuack and Strategic Duck. Mr. Petra believes that being accountable to a coach or support group will keep your business on the right path.

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