1. Go where the customers are: as a small business owner you are mobile and if you know your target market you can go to them. A big business does not have the mobility, thus giving you an advantage.
  2. Be micro-focused and the search engines will find you and so will your target market. By concentrating all efforts to offer the best service/product in your industry and focusing your marketing efforts on only your ideal target market, you will succeed. During its growth process a small business does not need the volume a large business needs to survive and grow.
  3. Outlast the competition; look at all the empty “big boxes”. As a small business owner you can watch your finances and expenses and survive when larger firms can’t.
  4. Leverage: leverage your business knowledge; share your insights and advice. As a small business owner you can freely share where a big business is constantly looking over its shoulder.
  5. Respond: As owner and chief operating officer for your business you are in a position to personally respond to phone calls, e-mails, etc. Your large competitors can’t offer the personal attention and, in most cases, a timely response.

These are but a few of the many blessings and advantages of a small business owner. Instead of regretting the size of your firm, take advantage of it.

Tips & Advice by Nick Petra – CFP, Mentor, and Founder of StrategicDuck and BizQuack