Not too long ago you were inspired to build your own business and open the doors. Maybe you turned your hobby into a full-time job or found the solution to solving one of the world’s greatest problems. You feel passionate every day about your business and the benefits it will bring to potential customers. However, they just aren’t breaking down your doors to buy your product or service. 

In most cases, the lack of business is not due to your product being a dud or your service being old news. It may just be the overall presence of your product or service in the marketplace.  Is it getting the attention it deserves?

Branding plays a major role in the growth and survival of a business. Once you develop a few key branding elements, it continues to grow and develop over time.  Your customers begin to recognize your company and the benefits it offers when they come in contact with one of your marketing pieces.  Perhaps your brand gives them a warm feeling or compels them to try something new. 

Whatever your product or service, it is important to have a strong foundation in operations as well as marketing.  Take some time today to review these key branding elements that create the cornerstone of every marketing strategy.

  1. Logo  Does it convey your expertise? Does it appeal to your target market?
  2. Colors Choose wisely! Colors have a significant impact on people’s emotions.
  3. Tagline Brief catchy phrase that allows consumers to quickly sum up what your company is all about.
  4. Business Name Make it a great one! It impacts your entire brand and the direction of your marketing plan.

All of your branding and associated materials flows from these four critical elements.  Be sure the passion you have for your business shows in the materials you use to promote it. 

Branding is everything working together to relay a message, experience, feeling, and promise.  This not only includes your materials but also the experience your customers have on your website, social media platforms, in your office, and as they interact with you and your staff.

Article submitted by BizQuack Member, Jen Kelly, with J Dot Creative