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For us small business owners, there should be another important “something” in our lives and that is our business. In its own way, our business is a living entity and deserves our kindness and attention.

Here are a few ways to show that your business is important:
  • Having a reserve account for a rainy day.
  • Daily working on the item that your business is in most need of.
  • By showing everyone that you are proud and excited about your business.
  • By having faith that, with your hard work, your business can grow and prosper.
  • By helping your business to lead change in your industry instead of following it.
  • By spending the necessary time working on your business not only in your business.

Not a very long list of items to show that you appreciate and believe in your business, but if you keep this list in front of you every day, both you and your business will enjoy many great years together.

Tips & Advice by Nick Petra  CFP, Mentor, and Founder of StrategicDuck and BizQuack