“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Words attributed to Francis of Assisi

Trying to understand this quote requires a closer look.

What is necessary? This means that as small business owners we do what is necessary to survive; yes, it’s possible that there is a lot more that we can do to grow our business, but we don’t. However, if we did everything that was possible, then quite possibly we are achieving the impossible.

Every small business owner has to overcome ‘procrastination’, ‘perfectionism’, and ‘paralysis from analysis’ in all the different aspects required to grow a small business.

Procrastination: Most business failures are a direct result of a business owner who lacks the self-discipline to the little things that need to be done every day. Failure is the cumulative impact of many poor decisions, slips in self-discipline, and things put off until it is too late.

Perfectionism: One of my favorite sayings is, “Anything worthwhile doing is worthwhile doing wrong”.  This week I sat with a client who had a deadline that had to be reached in 30 days. With a limited time, I recommended hiring a sales person to help make calls on his long list of prospects. The excuse for not hiring someone was that it would take too long to train a person the right way. The alternative that was chosen will result in a large financial loss.

Paralysis from Analysis: Small business owners have a tendency to over analyze new directions.  The “what if it won’t work “statement is one that I frequently hear from small business owners. I interpret that as meaning,” I don’t want to work that hard, it’s too much effort”. In other words,” if it doesn’t work, I will have wasted my time.”

Always accept every challenge in your business and work 10 times harder than before to make it happen. Fear and laziness are the ingredients,  that make up the three P’s. Your passion and belief in your business have to be strong enough to overcome these 3 obstacles.

Believe! Believe in yourself, your capabilities, and your business.  

Tips & Advice by Nick Petra – CFP, Mentor, and Founder of Strategic Duck and BizQuack