Kong Pong created by BizQuack member Scott Siepmann.

Submitted by Nick Petra, CFP, BizQuack Founder, Mentor

Yesterday was the launch date of a Kickstarter fundraiser for one of our BizQuack Members.

Listed under the name of Copper Kong in our membership directory, Scott had an idea which he is turning into a business. His persistence over a two year period has resulted in this fund raising launch.


Please click on the link above or copy and paste it in your browser. This is a great example of a Kick-starter fund raising website.

Scott is pre-selling his product which will enable him to not only validate the demand for this product, but also to help him provide the funding to start a major marketing campaign.

Although the game Kong Pong can be both an adult game as well as an active children’s game, the decision was to focus on the adult application at this time.

As you can tell from the video, printed material, a prototype of his product, and a lot of hard work along with an investment of time and dollars was needed to get to this point. Scott has also spent a month prior to the launch planning his on-line marketing campaign. The first order of business was to divide his data base into two categories, the close friends and supporters and those that he was working on to move them into the first category. The 30 days during which the Kickstarter program will be active the data base will be front and center in his marketing efforts.

The initial marketing was accomplished by demonstrating the game, (see video), and by sharing his vision and his value proposition with everyone that he met. Working full time for a very large corporation, Scott has been   able to structure his time in order to work on his vision.

The balance of the 30-day launch marketing program includes frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as personal outreach to his target market.

As always, your support to a member of our BizQuack Community is appreciated.

You could make a wish or….you could make it happen!  Go for it!