Strategic Duck, LLC is creating a buzz in the small business community.  Nick Petra, owner and lead consultant and mentor at Strategic Duck, is a no-nonsense business coach helping entrepreneurs lay an all-important foundation as they build and grow their businesses.  Mr. Petra feels that “A great idea needs a vision and must create traction to succeed. I promote the basics that support growth and hold owners accountable along the way.”

For the past 40 years, Mr. Petra has helped hundreds of businesses develop powerful strategies with a program he developed called a “strategic focus plan.”  The process includes breaking apart the plan into workable “nuggets” that are immediately applicable and readily implemented.  “Companies spend hours developing a plan that is never executed often due to the overwhelming nature of redirecting the path to achieve the company vision. Some feel it is daunting to do while continuing to forge ahead to keep the doors open.”  He encourages clients to break it down and implement parts of the plan as they are needed and offers the support to make it happen.

Mr. Petra gives back to the community providing free public education addressing small business strategies and as a volunteer with different industry organizations. He is an ASU Venture Devil Mentor and believes in the power of supporting young idea-driven college students as they learn to implement their skills beyond the walls of the classroom. “Every semester I am amazed at the dedication and creativity of each new business.”

Introducing owners and entrepreneurs to new strategies in marketing, operations, and finance and helping them achieve success is the vision of Strategic Duck, LLC.  “Small business is the backbone of America and every day I see why through the people I work with.”

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