“People invest in your ability to deliver to them a more favorable future!”

If you keep this sentence in your mind and heart every day, you will know what is required of you to build a successful business. By improving the lives of your target market, you will succeed.

The issue here is what is their favorable future? It is not what you think is their favorable future, but what they think it will be. As human beings each of us has our own vision of what a favorable future looks like, and favorable futures will change depending upon the situation.

A favorable future may be a short term solution to a specific problem or a long range plan to reach a goal. There is no such thing as a one size fits all “favorable solution”. The needed solution may change from day to day.

Yes, there are some common favorable solutions that your product or service can deliver to your target market, but there may also be a need for another favorable solution that takes precedent over the one you are presenting.

Even with a well-developed Value Proposition, there is a need to listen before you start your presentation.  A Value Proposition will only work well when your prospect is focused on the need your research showed was needed. Some situations require a short conversation and a return visit at a future date. This works well when you are face to face with your prospect.

I also found that when a prospect that you identified as needing your product/service does not respond to your “not in person marketing efforts”, it may be that the need is there but the “mind” is concentrating on other issues.

In both cases, the answer is to provide other opportunities for your target market to listen to and understand your Value Proposition and how it can deliver a more favorable future.  This is the main challenge that is faced in marketing your business. Your Value Proposition has to be presented when your target market is ready to receive it; this may require multiple touches, delivered the right way and at the right time, before your message receives the attention needed to generate a sale.

You may have the solution, but making the presentation so that it is heard and understood may be the real challenge. That is where  hard work and innovative ideas need to be implemented.

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