Support BizQuack Member and Business Owner Aken Tong, as he takes on the fight against hunger.

Have you reached out to the important people in your business life, the people that are in your primary data base, the people who refer new customers, and your customers themselves?

It may be a little late to send out a “snail mail” card, but it certainly isn’t too late to send a non-business e-mail to all those mentioned above. Do something different; share with them what the Christmas season means to you and your family. You can end with a simple thank you for your support and sign it “From your family.”

Thanks to modern technology and constant contact, we are sending out New Year’s e-mails this year. This won’t take us away from our family time, but it will let others know that we are thinking about them.

Action is one of the key words I shared with you in my blog, “Words for 2018,” along with Passion, Belief, Patience and Character. Let’s start using these words for the rest of this year and apply them to your family, friends and business acquaintances. This will help you get more practice for launching your best year ever.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit of giving, one of our members, Aken Tong, is raising start-up capital for a very worthwhile project. Please look at the link below, and if you are so inclined, make a small investment, no matter how small, in helping Aken stop hunger in a country that is desperate for food.

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